When To Get Your Motorcycle Serviced

There are many things to love about motorcycles, including their ease of maintenance. Some first-time motorcycle owners make the mistake of assuming that because motorcycles have relatively straightforward maintenance needs that those needs can be put off time and again. As a leading motorcycle dealership we know that maintaining your vehicle is essential to ensuring that it is safe and ready to ride. Without necessary maintenance, you risk wearing down parts, stressing the engine and gears, and pushing function into an operational red zone. Many simple maintenance tasks can be taken care of at home without much fuss. For more substantial maintenance and repairs you can bring your motorcycle to an experienced service center.

Planning Out Necessary Service

Your owner’s manual will contain a list of all the necessary service tasks associated with your motorcycle model. This might include entries such as:

  • Checking the oil level
  • Checking condition of the fuel filter
  • Checking battery fluid levels
  • Replacing brake fluid
  • Replacing shaft drive oil

Become familiar with the way your motorcycle operates by learning how to check oil level, fuel filter, and tire pressure. Tire pressure can be checked every time you fill up with fuel. Fuel filters should be examined on a regular basis and oil level should be checked before you go for a long ride.

The owner’s manual will tell you how frequently tasks like oil changes should be done; this will be recorded in miles and length of time. Choose whichever comes first and use that occurrence as a signal to change your motorcycles oil or to arrange for it to be changed by an experienced mechanic. Fuel filters can be replaced every two years unless your visual checks suggest the need for a replacement sooner than that.

Your Source for Parts and Supplies

Temecula Motorsports connects you with a full assortment of motorcycle replacement parts, maintenance supplies, and much more to help you experience the very best performance out of these fantastic vehicles. If you need help selecting the right item for the job, give us a call at (951) 698-4123.

Prepare Yourself for the Slingshot Get In Stand Out Sales Event


There is always something to be excited about here at the Temecula Motorsports showroom and this season we are especially enthusiastic about showcasing the Slingshot. As a leading Polaris Slingshot dealer we have the pleasure of introducing people to one of the most distinctive and sought-after motorcycles ever produced. Guaranteed to turn heads and generate buzz wherever it goes, the Slingshot has wowed motorcycle industry insiders and the public alike. Now it is your turn to experience the distinctive power and prestige of the Slingshot during our Get In Stand Out Sales Event.

Leading Models Are Now On Sale

The Get In Stand Out Sales Event brings together some of the very best vehicles in the entire Slingshot lineup, including:

  • 2017 models
  • 2016 models in Gloss Black Base, Black Pearl LE, White Pearl LE, and Blue Fire LE
  • 2016 models in Titanium Metallic Base, Red Pearl SL, Red Pearl SL with Graphics, and Turbo Silver SL
  • 2015 models in Titanium Metallic Base, Red Pearl SL, Nuclear Sunset Orange LE

All these vehicles have highly competitive financing available for this special sales event. Choose between a financing offer with an attractively low APR or up to $3,000 in Customer Cash on select units.

The Fine Print

All 2017 Slingshot models included in this sale have 3.99% APR for 36 months; no Customer Cash offer is available with these models. The total amount of available rebate varies depending on 2015 and 2016 model; some have a Customer Cash rebate of $1,000 and some have a Customer Cash rebate of $3,000. Our sales team can identify which vehicles are associated with different rebate values and tell you more about the other details of this valuable sale. Sale-related financing is subject to credit approval. Valid until 3/31/17.

Your Slingshot Source

Slingshot motorcycles are making waves around the world. You can be part of the excitement. Visit our showroom today or call (951) 698-4123 to speak with a member of our team.

Winter Is the Best Time to Buy a New Personal Watercraft


jet ski on beach

Southern California is where you can find many beaches famous for some of the best surfing and waterskiing conditions in the world. We love being a Southern California motorsport dealership because we get to be part of local beach culture; our team also gets to connect watercraft enthusiasts with some of the best PWC around. Top brands like Sea-Doo are available right here in our showroom; we have a wide selection of new and pre-owned watercraft to choose from. Although winter might not sound like the best season to go shopping for a new personal watercraft, we think this is the perfect time of the year.

The Start of the New Vehicle Year

The new model year for vehicles, including personal watercrafts, begins in late fall. This is why many car companies choose to offer great deals around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You will start seeing new watercraft entering the Temecula showroom at winter begins. This means that shoppers get the very best selection in the first few months of the calendar year.

We want our customers to be the very first to try the most anticipated watercraft of the new model year; you can be sure that as the seasons shift back to warmer weather, many of these vehicles are going to vanish from showrooms everywhere. This is the perfect time to take a close look at some of these talked-about watercraft models:

  • Sea-Doo GTI™ SE 130
  • Sea-Doo SPARK™ 2up 900 ACE™
  • Sea-Doo RXP®-X® 300
  • Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO®
  • Yamaha VX Limited®
  • Yamaha EX® Deluxe

Some of these models are sure to become scarce as the model year continues, so if you have had your eye on any personal watercraft, winter is the time to find the very best selection.

This is a Time for Great Financing

Along with a top-notch selection of PWC, you can also find many great sales and special financing offers available in the colder part of the year. In fact, January and February are often times when very competitive sales are offered. Check our website or contact our dealership to learn more about any current sales taking place.

Get Ready for the Sea-Doo Pre-Season Sales Event


Temecula Motorsports is proud to be a true destination dealership for motorcycle enthusiasts, ATV riders, and watercraft fans. If you enjoy zipping across the waves in a sporty Sea-Doo, then we have the sales event that you have been waiting for. We are happy to announce that our anticipated Sea-Doo Pre-Season Sales Event has begun and will last until March 31, 2017. This is the best time to enjoy great savings on the very hottest new models. The 2017 Sea-Doo lineup is full of exciting vehicles that you and your family will definitely enjoy. While only select models will be included in this very special Pre-Season Sales Event, you can be sure that you can find several exceptional options to consider. Remember, competitive financing terms are available directly through our motorsports store.

H2: Take Home a Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft

The 2017 lineup of Sea-Doo PWC has something to satisfy riders of every experience level and every riding preference. These are just some of the great features you can find on 2017 PWC from Sea-Doo:

  • Performance engineering
  • Supercharged Rotex engines
  • High-performance variable trim systems
  • Gear storage and other touring features
  • Upper deck suspension
  • Intelligent braking and reverse
  • Closed-loop cooling system
  • Seating for up to three people

Each Sea-Doo craft has its own special assortment of features. The Luxury line has sophisticated details while the Performance line is packed with additional power. First-time personal watercraft owners will love the user-friendly nature of the Tow Sports and Recreation lines in particular. No matter which line your vehicle comes from, you can be sure that you are getting world class quality and performance.

H2: Sales Event Details

Only selected new, unused Sea-Doo vehicles are included in this particular sale; no pre-owned vehicles are eligible for the three-year coverage or other special terms of this event. Be sure to speak with a Temecula Motorsports sales member for more information about the terms of this limited time sale.

Motorsports Brands to Watch in 2017

suzuki motorcycle

Every year brings a wealth of new motorcycles for sale that enthusiasts around the world will be talking about. Some of these models will be eagerly anticipated for several months while others may arrive as a complete surprise. The Temecula Motorsports dealer team has rounded up some of our most anticipated motorcycle brands and models. Industry insiders have been buzzing about these and other outstanding examples of motorcycle engineering and we think you will want to keep an eye on many of these trend-setters in 2017.


Sport, fast, and superbly engineered Suzuki motorcycles continue to be some of the most talked-about vehicles on the planet. This Japanese brand has always set the bar a little higher and inspired other brands to push design to the next level.


The Yamaha marque generally has a few releases that manage to get everyone to take notice and this model year line up looks especially promising. In particular, we like the 2017 Yamaha SCR 950. Admittedly, many of our sales team really likes retro-style motorcycles – and we know that many of our customers do, too. The classic muscular style of this Yamaha combines the very best modern engineering with a style that harkens back to the early years of American motorcycle culture. The affordable price tag makes the SCR 950 even more attractive.


Once again, Honda gives us a model to get excited about. Riders can always count on this marque to offer innovative design and plenty of power. The 2017 Honda CBR500R is shaping up to be especially good for first-time riders who want a balance of great handling, responsive power, and head-turning style.

Something for Every Rider

Temecula Motorsports connects true aficionados with vehicles, gear, parts, accessories, and so much more. We look forward to sharing another year of motorsports with you.

Tips for Safe Winter Motorcycle Riding

Temecula Motorsports is more than a place where you can find great motorcycles for sale, this is home to a community of motorsports enthusiasts of every stripe. Our team loves to ride and we want to share this passion with everyone we serve. We have rounded up some of the best winter motorcycle riding safety tips to keep you safe and warm as the temperature drops.

Stay Ahead of the Weather

Life on the back of a motorcycle can bring all kinds of adventures – this is why we love riding. Unexpected adventures with the weather are actually something that should be avoided. The hazards that car drivers breeze past can spell disaster for an unwary rider. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and use your favorite app or news source to stay up to date on road conditions. Wet, icy, and freezing conditions can be especially dangerous for motorcycle riders; make a habit of frequently checking weather updates.

Use the Right Gear

If you have only ridden Southern California motorcycles you might be unprepared for the effects of colder temperatures. What might feel pleasantly brisk on foot can turn freezing cold when traveling at speed. Conventional cold weather gear is unlikely to provide the necessary protection to motorcycle riders. Select cold weather gear that includes:

  • Helmet
  • Low-temperature jacket or coat
  • Gloves made for cold weather
  • Thick boots
  • Leg protection designed for warmth

Cold riders are more likely to lost focus and to lose the fine physical sensation that warns of trouble. Be proactive about your own safety and the safety of others and be sure to select gear that is appropriate for the kind of riding you will be doing.

Let Us Know if We Can Help

Our team has seen all kinds of riding conditions and can provide guidance when selecting new vehicles, accessories, or safety gear. Let us know if we can help with finding the right product, financing, or anything else.

Give the Gift of Motorsports this Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches many people are thinking about giving the perfect gift. What to give to the person who has everything? Great gear and vehicles from the Temecula Motorsports dealership are ideal gifts for all kinds of people on your list. Men and women love receiving safety gear appropriate to their favorite motorsport, and a new vehicle is always the most exciting gift of all. Let the Temecula sales experts introduce you to some of the sought-after items arriving this season.

Vehicles and Toys

The end of the calendar year marks the beginning of the new model year, so the holiday season is the perfect time to find great deals on the very hottest motorcycles, four-wheelers, ATVs, and other recreational vehicles. These are just a few of the great items you can find at your favorite Southern California motorcycle dealer:

  • 2017 Can-Am Commander 800R
  • 2017 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo R
  • 2017 Honda FourTrax Rancher 4×4
  • 2017 Honda Grom

Side by sides and personal watercrafts are other great gift ideas. These can be enjoyed by older teens and adults alike. No matter what someone’s preferred vehicle or style of riding might be, we have the options that real motorsports enthusiasts really want.

Get the Gear

No matter who you might be shopping for, be sure to get them great safety gear and other essential accessories. We stock a wide selection of helmets, jackets, gloves, eyewear, and much more. If you want to look sharp and show your motorsports pride in daily life, reach for stylish t-shirts or sunglasses. Everyone from novice riders to experienced pros wants to have the sporty, fashionable look that great designers like Fox Racing and Alpine Stars consistently deliver.

H2: We Are Here to Help

Our team of friendly, experienced sales associates can help you find the perfect gift for any occasion, no matter what the season. Financing opportunities are available and many great vehicles are currently on sale.